BOMBING SCIENCE Sketch Battle Summer 2018



BEYOND THE STREETS – May 6 – July 6, 2018

Lady Pink “Death of Graffiti”

“BEYOND THE STREETS¬†(BTS) is the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and beyond…”

The exhibition opens to the public in Los Angeles on May 6, 2018.

Lady Pink at Beyond The Streets 2018

I Apologize To You Kanye West

This is my official public apology to Kanye West. For years I thought you were a dishonest person, a fake. I wouldn’t even pronounce your name correctly. Well, I was wrong. It turns out that you are a sincere, intelligent, and courageous maverick who cares about the country’s future. All people, all colors.

Check out this rap with TI. It’s great. Kanye, you won me over Dude!


graffiti has no borders